your yoga is about you – connecting with your body, your breath and your mind, stretching into your soul and finding freedom in your being.

Unique in its approach to wholly individualised classes,  in a your yoga class you are addressed individuallyEvery student arrives to class with various needs for that particular day. The intimate class environment (no more than 8 student per class) allows the opportunity for your needs to be considered, giving you the power to decide what your body and mind need on the day. From there the lesson flows seamlessly in an order created based on an intuitive understanding of both the practice and the students present.

your yoga is gentle yet stimulating, movement with awareness. Combining pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (postures), relaxation and meditation to increase fluidity, strength and flexibility whilst decreasing stress and tension. Suitable for beginners to the more experienced, our classes are a beautiful mix of young and old where everyone is welcome.

Come along and experience for yourself the rejuvenating effects of your yoga.

your yoga - small individualised classes

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your yoga - small individualised classes