Yoga not only looks after my physical health through strength and flexibility but also my mental health improving focus, awareness and peace of mind. I always find that after a class the quality of my sleep is sound and peaceful. I first met Lisa through an exhibition class and thought this could be the style of yoga I have been looking for.

Having attended many classes over the years, I am now extremely fussy. I find Lisa’s classes incorporate the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation to provide me not only with the physical strength but also an inner resolve strong enough to face the daily rigours of life as it is today. I try to never miss a class”.

Jane – Practicing Yoga for over 30 years

When beginning your journey with yoga, it can sometimes be confusing and difficult to know where to start. I am often asked “what style of yoga do you teach?”,  a question that there is no perfect answer for.

Tree Pose sml

Simply put, ‘Yoga’ means to bring together – a bringing together of the body, mind and breath. My intention is to share and encourage this experience in each and every class.

I firmly believe in finding the yoga that is best suited for you. For that to happen, I encourage you to explore and attend various classes and teachers to find what resonates with you; makes you feel and be well.

your yoga individualised classes are gentle but strong. Stimulating yet calming. Working with the natural laws of opposition. The primary focus being on developing your awareness of how your body moves and how energy moves within your body.

Classes are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced and flow at a slow to medium pace. They present a learning environment rather than a “follow me” type of class, encouraging experimental learning of the foundation of yoga and movement in the body, helping you to integrate yoga into your daily life outside class.

IMG_20150208_205153As an Interdisciplinary trained teacher,  I draw from my experience of many teachers and styles of yoga, having the freedom to adapt each class to the needs of each student present.

Clear instruction on the foundation of the postures is provided. Helping to provide a better understanding of the energetic and physical requirements of your body to support the postures and the benefits available to you as a result of your practice. Options are given to increase or decrease the intensity, allowing you to adjust your practice accordingly each time you present on your mat.

The individualised classes create an opportunity to connect with and develop your inner wisdom and intuitive nature. Creating length and space within your body and mind for energy to flow freely. This increases fluidity and flexibility and encourages the ability to listen to your body. Encourages creativity, inner peace and general wellness.

your yoga emphasises the importance of understanding our role in creating optimal health and fulfilment, encouraging a non judgemental self inquiry, love for ourselves, for others and for the life we live on this earth.