New to Yoga?

Preparation for Class

  • your yoga is a comfortable, supportive and non-competitive class.
  • Please allow 5-10 minutes before class to arrive, check in and relax into the space.


  • With a smile and an open mind, yoga is best enjoyed in comfortable, semi-fitted clothing and is best practiced on an empty stomach so try not to eat or drink anything for 1-2 hours before a class. However arriving hydrated is recommended, so drink plenty of water during the day.
  • your yoga is suitable for everybody but if you are new to yoga, please let me know. Also let me know if you have any injuries or conditions (including pregnancy) that may affect your practice so I can adjust the practice where necessary for you.


Some things to keep in mind…

Yoga is a deep cleansing practice for the mind, muscles and energy system of the body and as such stimulates the release of stored toxins within the body.

As the postures and breath work begin to release these toxins, it is possible you may experience muscle or joint soreness and tiredness.

You can assist the natural flushing of these toxins by drinking plenty of water after

Emotions during your practice are a normal, healthy and desirable part of your experience with yoga and it is possible during your journey, that you may notice a range of emotions surface such as feelings of happiness or sadness, frustration, laughing or crying.

On the other end of this spectrum you can experience amazing energetic states which provide inspiration, creativity, insight and inner peace.

It is important to allow any experiences to be just as they are, as if observing yourself in a mirror, not attempting to change or control the process, remembering that you have set aside this time and space for yourself to engage in the deep cleansing process to wellness. Enjoy!

Namaste *




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