As the nights draw in and the air breathes crisper we enter the season of Autumn and the element of Metal. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn is a time for letting go, releasing the old and no longer useful and creating space for renewal.

As the trees shed their leaves to the earth, enriching the soil for the next growing season,  so too we release the fire of summer and retreat indoors to find comfort in reflection of the past, a time to let go of what no longer serves us, negative thought patterns and behaviours.

The Metal element governs feelings of grief and sadness and in this time we naturally grieve the loss of long summer days and feel our energy moving downwards returning our focus inwards. The main organs associated with the element of Metal are the Lungs and Large Intestine, both responsible for cleansing and eliminating toxins in the body. Through the lungs we inhale renewed energy, bathing the cells with oxygen, with each exhale we let go of tensions, anxiety and stale energy held in the tissues.

Working together the Lungs and Large Intestine allow us to bring in the pure and eliminate the waste. Commonly during this time of seasonal change we experience colds, sore throats and feelings of sluggishness.

Observing these changes in the body and reflecting on their relationship to your emotional body reminds us that we are in constant energetic movement physically and mentally and we must learn to move with grace in this natural flow of life.

Perhaps take some time this Autumn to reflect on what is past, to direct your attention inwards and give yourself permission to release that which no longer serves you. Open yourself to the warmth of your being and reconnect with who you are and what makes you unique.

Take a walk, expand your awareness to the natural surroundings, observe the changes in nature, watch the leaves fall from the trees without resistance and be as free as the trees to let go.

Welcome Autumn and this period of transformation. Keep warm, feed the soul  with comforting, heat inducing foods and enjoy being the observer!