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Below you will find a small collection of free downloads to assist you in your home practice. If there is something you would specifically like to see here, please drop me a message to let me know!


Preparing for Birth Meditation

A beautiful 10 minute meditation for connection with your body and baby in preparation for birth.

This can be helpful when your baby may be positioned in a variation of normal (breech, transverse, posterior) to help you relax into acceptance of the natural and unpredictable journey of pregnancy.

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45 Minute Yoga Practice

Designed with the busy Christmas/New Year period in mind this short 45minute practice was created with the intention of assisting you in maintaining your yoga practice over the break.

This flowing practice begins with relaxation and deep breathing before moving through a sequence of postures to release tension, gently lengthening and stretching the body and ending with a balancing and calming pranayama of alternate nostril breathing and short meditation.

Please enjoy this free download by clicking below

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Guided Meditation 

Recently I was contacted by a good friend of mine who needed help with meditation to positively impact her life.

I recorded a Guided Meditation based on relaxation, positive visualisation and mantra. This 14 minute meditation free download can be used as a basic meditation, a meditation for releasing negative energy and thought patterns and for general feelings of wellbeing.

Background music credits: A Breath of Stillness – Lifescapes

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Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is a deeply relaxing form of body meditation where you are guided into a lucid sleep state, whilst maintaining full consciousness.

Pure bliss, this 18 minute guided relaxation free download will allow you to deeply rest and restore your body and mind. I hope you enjoy it!

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