Spring has sprung! Although you would be forgiven for thinking we
were still stuck in winter with the current weather we are experiencing!

Signifying new life and growth, spring is the season of change and transformation as displayed in nature in just one day we can experience sunshine, wind, rain, warm and cold. The ever changing energetic rhythm of the season. Similarly energetic changes are happening within us. Longer, warmer days create a spring in our step, an excitement for the months ahead. We feel the urge to move our bodies and spend more time outdoors.

The element for spring is Wood, strong and flexible wood provides the power for movement. Associated with wood are the organs liver and gall bladder. The liver, responsible for spreading the flow of qi/prana or life force and blood within the body must be supported and cared for during this season of change. Controlling and nourishing the tendons the liver affects our flexibility and vision on all levels. It keeps us physically flexible and makes the eyes bright and clear. It also has a strong effect on mood and clarity of mind, enabling us to look and plan towards goals, while giving us the mental flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

The gall bladder is the companion of the liver. Physically aiding digestion of fats and oils, the gall bladder is mentally and spiritually the decision maker allowing us to think on our feet and giving us the courage to judge wisely and take action.
When the wood element and these organs are unbalanced and unsupported we feel stuck, short tempered, irritable and frustrated unable to experience growth. When in balance and healthy there is a sense of confidence and strong direction for the future, helping us to move toward that which you wish to achieve.

Supporting the body with light, colourful and fresh foods is the key in spring. Eat what is in season, plenty of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, salads and whole foods. Decrease alcohol, caffeine and heavy foods and increase your intake of water and herbal teas.
Yoga helps you move toward this balance by gently encouraging the body into this season of change creating space for energy and blood to move nourishing the body and mind.

The energy of spring brings vision but is not everlasting so use it wisely and make the time to plant the seeds of change.

See you on the mat!