Summer is here, or so the calendar would have us believe although we are experiencing our coldest December for more than 40 years. In reflection of the Spring which has seen days of rain, thunder, lightning, intense heat and unusual cooler temperatures making it difficult to shake colds and coughs. It would seem we are desperate for the summer to arrive and shine upon us its healthy glow.

Fire is the element of Summer, where the young energy of Spring has grown into an abundance of powerful energy allowing us to see the seeds of our thoughts and plans maturing and blossoming to their full potential.  Associated with the Fire element is the Heart, Small Intestines and the triple heater, which regulates body temperature.

Growth, joy and a deeper connection between the heart and mind are the focus of this season.

Imbalance of the Fire element during this season can result in low feelings (depression), poor circulation, congestion in the lungs and nasal passages, sluggish digestion, sleep disturbance, agitation and anxiety.

Physically when the Fire element is in balance the heart is working unchallenged circulating blood efficiently allowing the body to work in harmony enabling the breakdown of foods in the small intestine.

On an emotional level the Fire element brings feelings of love, connection and deeper communication and expression. Just like its representation in nature, balanced fire allows opening outward to others a fullness of the blossoming flower, beauty and growth in abundance.

Summer’s gift of Fire allows us to give and receive much like the essence of this festive season. By giving and sharing we build our own fire and in turn encourage those around us to be more open and loving inspiring a deeper love and compassion for those around us.