Top Tips for Winter Wellbeing

For optimal winter wellbeing, it is important to move with the seasons, rather than trying to continue the pace of the warmer months. Winter is a time for hibernation. Give yourself permission to spend a little more time curled up on the couch reading a good book and eating hearty warming meals.

Rest and nourishment are essential for maintaining the inner fire and although sometimes difficult to get out of the house, it is also important to keep the body moving throughout the cooler months to keep your immune system firing and allowing you to remain healthy.

There are some extra things you can do to assist your body through this season. Here are my quick and easy top tips for winter wellbeing;

1. Hydrate! Drink plenty of fluidsHydrate! for winter wellbeing

When its cold it can be particularly hard to stay hydrated. Water is the element for winter. The organs associated with the water element are the kidneys and bladder.

When we are adequately hydrated these organs work effectively and our bodily functions and immune system are well supported.
Think warming herbal teas, filtered water with lemon and nourishing broths and soup.

2. Rock your winter woollies

Get out the woolly socks for winter wellbeing
Nanna was always right! It’s important to keep your body warm and protected from cold and wind.Wearing a scarf helps protect the throat and back of neck.

Wearing a scarf helps protect the throat and back of neck.

The kidney meridian starts at the sole of the foot so get out the woolly socks and slippers.

3. Epsom Salt Foot Soak/Bath

Top up your magnesium levels for winter wellbeing

A great way to keep warm and nourish your water energy in winter is with Epsom Salts. You can either take a full body bath or just as effectively; a foot bath. Use water as hot as you can comfortably handle. Soak for at least 15 minutes.
Epsom Salts have high magnesium content and can benefit by;

  • reducing inflammation
  • increasing blood circulation and oxygen in the body
  • assist in the absorption of nutrients
  • relieving stress and relaxing muscles

4. Soak up some Winter sunshine
Catch some sunrays for winter wellbeing

Vitamin D is essential for general health assisting us to support strong bones and muscles and can help alleviate “winter blues” and conditions such as seasonal affects disorder (SAD).

Exposure to sunshine;

  • enhances mood
  • improves sleep
  • lowers blood pressure

Try to get at least 10-15 minutes daily to boost your vitamin D and help your winter wellbeing.