Prenatal Yoga

“Thank you so much for all your support – the prenatal yoga, the good advice and moral support during my pregnancy.The reassurance you’ve given me made a HUGE difference in creating the birth I really wanted. 
I was relaxed and I did it! ”  – Katika.
“I enjoyed Lisa’s prenatal classes immensely. Lisa creates a warm and nurturing environment where each week was an opportunity to stop and consider all the changes occurring with your body, to focus on the particular physical needs of pregnancy, and to relax. The classes were also a chance to share with and learn from the other women in the class. Lisa took a great deal of care to understand each person’s experience of pregnancy and was able to tailor each week to the needs of each person. Closer to my due date Lisa’s class helped me feel prepared for the labour, so that I felt calm, confident and ready. I looked forward to the class each week as a precious time out from the busyness of life to focus on my pregnancy and to connect with my baby.” – Jade

Congratulations! and welcome to your journey to motherhood and prenatal yoga.

Pregnancy is a very individual experience and can also be a very different process with each pregnancy. Some women find being pregnant an extremely wonderful period in their lives, others have a different experience all together. What ever your experience, the changes to a woman’s body during pregnancy and childbirth are immense and it is important to support this.
Yoga is a wonderful tool for each woman’s unique pregnancy, physically, mentally and emotionally. your yoga Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed for this unfolding path to motherhood.
The intention is to provide support, guidance and practical information to empower women through conscious pregnancy for birth and mothering.

Why prenatal yoga?

your yoga prenatal yoga classes are different to a normal yoga class. At the beginning of class each woman is provided the space to openly and honestly share how she is feeling and request any particular needs that she may have.
This could be;
  • a particular area of the body that needs attention
  • questions about the stages of pregnancy
  • sharing concerns, fears or good news
  • It can be anything or nothing at all

Lisa then creates a prenatal yoga class for you that addresses what ever has come up to be certain you receive the care and attention you deserve.

What is included in a prenatal yoga class?

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) that can be used in preparation for birth, during labour and to assist with anxiety and stress.
  • Asana (postures) specific to Prenatal Yoga to release tension, stiffness and discomfort in a growing and changing body.
    Strengthening postures to prepare for birth and mothering
  • Meditation and Visualisation to calm, centre and connect with your baby
  • Preparation for birth, techniques for labour and essential tips for your support people

When can I attend prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga classes are suitable for any stage in your pregnancy. Classes run in 6 week terms.

Term Dates

There are no upcoming dates of Prenatal Yoga as Lisa is on maternity leave.


$135     6 week term

$  27      Casual attendance      (advanced noticed required, please contact Lisa – 0449982505)

Booking and payment is required in advance for term. Casual attendance is based on availability and advance notice is required.

Places are strictly limited and book out quickly.

(Please note, with adequate notification of absence, up to 1 missed class can be made up at a subsequent term).

To reserve your space please contact Lisa.

All new students are required to fill out a Registration Form before your first class.
Lisa is passionate supporter of women’s choices, birth education and mentoring in pregnancy and child birth. Mother of boys 6 & 1, Lisa enjoys helping women to find and own their power and intuition throughout pregnancy, in birth and the role of mother through her prenatal yoga classes.