Private Yoga Consultations

“A trusted friend of mine highly recommended Lisa’s yoga.  Having no experience of yoga at all, I decided to give it a go. My first class felt more like a wonderful mix of meditation and movement, and I came away feeling balanced and ‘clear’ both physically and mentally.

Then I broke my wrist, and the break was so severe I required surgery and a metal plate needed to be inserted into the bone.  There was also a post-operative infection.  As soon as I was well enough, I resumed your yoga with Lisa, as I felt this is what I needed to assist my healing. (I couldn’t drive and was fortunate enough to have Lisa come to my home for private tuition, tailored specifically toward my wrist).

Remarkably, as soon as I commenced the yoga with Lisa, my wrist began strengthening and healing beyond the physiotherapists and surgeon’s expectations.  I was, with Lisa’s guidance, listening to my body, and only doing what I felt worked for me.  This, in combination with the stretches and yoga specifically tailored to my injury, resulted in astonishingly quick healing.  Now, thanks to Lisa, my wrist is virtually as strong as it was before the break, and it is only five months since my fall.  The expected recovery for this type of injury is at least a year.

Additionally, I have a lot of trouble with my knees – a problem I’ve had since my first pregnancy.  I’ve tried many exercise and treatment programs over the years, with little joy.  In fact, my knees have been getting progressively worse despite all my hard work.  In the few months that I’ve been doing your yoga, the improvement in my knees has been a wonderful and unexpected bonus.  I have much less pain, my flexibility is back to what is was pre-pregnancy, and I honestly feel like if I continue this gentle, intuitive, quite unique form of yoga, within a short time my body will feel better than it’s ever felt. 

I cannot recommend Lisa and your yoga highly enough”.


A private yoga consultation allows the benefits of yoga to be specifically tailored and adapted to the health and well being needs of the individual, addressing many health concerns and challenge; be that general health and wellbeing, specific injury rehabilitation or serious illness and disease management. Consultations provide the individual with tools for understanding, managing and reducing symptoms. Restoring balance and harmony for body, mind and spirit.

Copan (36)

Lisa has worked closely with various methodologies in complimentary medicine, through management of clinical practises. She combines this with her personal and professional yoga experience and formal qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, to assist individuals in managing their general physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Private yoga consultations are generally for 1 hour and held in the client’s home. Private yoga can assist with a variety of health concerns such as;

  • Injury Management / Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy and preparation for birth
  • Post Natal recovery (pelvic floor & abdominal health)
  • Specific illness and diseases management
  • Cancer support (pre/post operative, symptom management etc)

Private yoga consultation fees are determined by client requirements, number of people, location/travel and range from ($120 – $150). To discuss your specific needs please contact Lisa

 Lisa is currently on Maternity Leave and will be offering consultations again in 2019

24 hour Change/Cancellation policy applies to all Private Consultations.