“Perhaps I am a bear or some hibernating animal underneath,for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me”

Brrr winter is certainly here, the days and nights are much cooler and naturally its gets more difficult to climb out from under the covers and out of bed or move off the couch.

A time for internal hibernation and regeneration, winter is for calming and stilling the mind, maintaining internal warmth, nurturing and storing energy for the cold months ahead. As in nature the trees have become skeletal,  plants dormant, but internal work has not ceased, energy is gathered and stored within preparing to burst forth into new growth for spring.

The element of Winter is Water, essential for life, capable of healing and cleansing, the essence of all life. The main organs associated with the water element are the Kidneys and Bladder. To work best water needs to move and flow and as such when the Kidneys and Bladder are unbalanced fluidity and flow in the body is blocked resulting in systematic responses in the body such as headaches, constipation and swelling in the body. 

It is important to keep the body flowing during the colder months, resisting the temptation to be still for too long. Nor should we exhaust ourselves from doing too much. Rest is essential for storing energy, filling the reserves within us to maintain strength, courage and vitality. Lacking rest and nourishment we are susceptible to colds, sickness, fear, anxiety and depression; the common ailments of Winter and limited movement stagnating the energetic flow in the body.

Yoga assists by guiding us to move freely, combining breath with movement, stimulating blood and energy flow throughout the body, helping to release blockages within the meridians of the body, supporting us through the seasons.

Find your flow, strengthen your practise and move with the seasons rather than against them – enjoy being the observer!

See you on the mat!